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Information and Tips From A-1 Towing & Recovery

Roadside Emergencies What To Do:

  • Get off the road:
    • Pull your vehicle as far off of the road as safely possible. If your vehicle is in or near traffic and you can safely walk to another location, do it. If the vehicle is parked on the shoulder of a busy highway, exit on the passenger side. Lock the door and leave a note on the windshield with your mobile phone number in case roadside assistance or the police stop by the vehicle.
  • Make your vehicle as visible as possible:
    • At the minimum, turn on the hazard lights as soon as you realize that your vehicle has problems. Once stopped, use any warning signals that you have (such as: flares, hazard triangle, or a warning light) to alert other motorists of your vehicle's presence. Place the warning device as far behind your car as practical to give other motorists as much notice as possible.
  • Safely exit the car:
    • If it’s safe, get out of the car on the opposite side of traffic, even if you have to crawl over the passenger seat. Like getting out of a taxi, you never want to open the car door on the traffic side! Once you’re out of the car though, go ahead and pop the hood, check out your tire, examine the damage and attempt any kind of repairs (if you know what you’re doing). Generally speaking though, it’s safer to keep everyone clear of the car and wait for help to come.
  • Display a distress signal:
    • If you need police help, raise the hood or tie a white cloth to the radio antenna or door handle, or hang the cloth out of the top of the door and close it on the cloth.
  • Keep the doors locked:
    • If the vehicle is in a safe location, you should wait inside. Keep the doors locked and the safety belts fastened.
  • Exercise caution:
    • Use good judgment in accepting help from strangers. If someone of whom you're suspicious stops, lower the window only enough to talk. If you're waiting for help, thank them for stopping but tell them you're OK. If you need help, ask them to make a call for you (if your phone is dead).
  • Call for Help:
    • If injured or anyone else is injured and able call 911. If able then call for roadside assistance or towing. If you need help and are in the area call us at 231.834.8514.
Parts copied from:
https://www.farmers.com/inner-circle/car-safety/10-steps-for-handling-common-roadside-emergencies/ and https://www.consumerreports.org/cro/news/2012/02/what-to-do-in-a-roadside-emergency/index.htm on 7/23/2017
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